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Do you think the Frolik and Bolland trades were good for the Blackhawks?

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  1. The Blackhawks got the bad end of the deal on both these trades. First, Bolland for 51st, 117th and a fourth round next year? We should have been able to get a multiple second rounders (late first rounder) instead we get one second round pick and two 4th round picks. Realistically, what are the chances the 4th round picks will amount to NHL caliber players? Over the last 4 years Bolland is averaging 5 points per 10 games. I don’t like the chances of one of the draft picks having the same productivity. I understand we need the cap space, especially with resigning Bickell, but it seems like we could have gotten more.

    Next, Frolik was one of the main reason the Hawks had the 3rd best penalty kill pect. in the league. With the Blackhawks having only the 19th best PP in the league and how dismal it looked in the playoff, our PK was one of the main reason we won the Cup. In return for Frolik the Hawks receive the 73rd and 134th pick. Not even a second round pick for a player who has proven his worth and was one of the best PK in the league. In both cases the Hawks could have done better and I hope they put that extra $5m in salary space to good use.

    • See: Bryan Bickell

      • Bickell is a $4m hit to the cap, the trade let up $6m. The Hawks have $9.5m left before the cap to get resign a few players (Leddy and Krueger). Which should still leave right round 4-5m for the Hawks grab a few more players.

        • Kbrejcha says:

          Listen, if Coach Q can lose nearly half his team from 2010 and come back just four years later to win the Cup, that man and his staff know what they’re doing. Coach Q was on 720 this morning and he was talking about movement on the team. I think the number one agenda right now was signing Bickell as Barko pointed out. He got that done and also pointed out there were a couple moves that still have to be made. He is also scouting all the young recuits at camp in the coming week. The team will only get stronger and although I didn’t buy into the “dynasty discussion,” I can definately see the Blackhawks keeping the cup in Chicago over the next couple years.

          • I completely agree that Coach Q and the front office are amazing. To take what happened to the team following 2010 and then come back in 2013 and winning speaks to that fact. The moves of Frolik and Bolland were needed to clear up the cap space and that I understand. My issue is with what we go in return for those 2 players. Late second round and fourth round pick rarely turn into consistent NHL players. There is a stat I was reading that only 12% of pick after the first round actually play 200 or more games in the NHL. That means, more than likely, our draft picks will never amount to players that will be able to fill the gaps or be good enough for future trades. Bickell was priority number 1, and resigning him was necessary to the Hawks future success. I just believe we could have gotten better draft picks for those 2 players than the ones we ended up receiving.

  2. Matthew M says:

    Bolland is not to hard to replace. I’m sure the Hawks will make some moves and fill his gap with a player that does not cost as much against the Cap. Frolik on the other hand was a baffling move. Broke up Krueger and him on the Penalty Kill which will end up hurting the Hawks next season. So the Bolland trade = fine, Frolik trade = terrible.

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